Exciting Features Of AOL Mail

Exciting Features Of AOL Mail

What I Wish Everyone Knew About AOL Mail Features

AOL Mail is one of the most incredible email services that is provided by America Online or AOL. Several users have been using this high end, well-organized and user-friendly AOL Mail Feature interface. AOL Mail excellently sends and receives an email that mainly allowing you to gain the number of online services to the maximum. AOL Mail also allows you to access online services such as

  • Search engine
  • News headlines
  • Trending Videos
  • Gaming services
  • Much more

Most of the big enterprises also use the AOL mail for staying connected with their clients and employees in the hassle free way. the main reason is the safety and security aspects of this AOL mail. AOL is one of the high secured email service providers for the personal mail exchange service in the highest aspects. Another important aspect is that AOL mainly provides you 24×7 message transaction facilities so most people have been using this technology extensively saving more time in the process. AOL also offers online technical assistance for the customers and it is easier for resolving any issues.

Specialized Features:

AOL Mail has many numbers of features that help to easily organize, customize and many others with using the mail. Updating the settings in the AOL main especially allows you to get the personalized mail experience. AOL mail offers you the most diverse attributes for ensuring that you get the most amazing service overall. Some of the exciting features of AOL Mail Support are

  • High protection from spam
  • Spelling checker
  • 25 MB Email attachment limit
  • Unlimited Email storage capacity
  • Supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols
  • SSL/HTTPS support
  • Improved virus protection
  • Easier to activate or deactivate Ads by the user

Aim Feature:

AOL Instant Messaging or AIM is one of the most amazing desktops and instant presence program allowing the user to easily communicate with family and friends. AIM messenger can be configured for sending or receiving a quick message.

Event And Calendar:

Event and Calendar in the AOL mail is another most useful feature suitable for saving more time. This especially allows to easily create own event in the customized aspects. Users can plan for the event with the help of the calendar in AOL.

To-Do Feature:

AOL mail especially provides you the most impressive feature that adds and remembers the task where the user could perform in the future. When you like to do work at a particular time then you can set the reminder in this To-Do. Most people liked to use this AOL mail for saving more time as everything is included in this mail service. Users could easily access as well as manage to-do lists on mail screens in the high extensive aspects. AOL Mail is considered as the most amazing platform for getting the web-based email services


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